10 Apr 2013

Project: Rebuilding Winterfell in mini

Ever had the feeling that you have way too many ideas for the time you can spend on your hobby? Ever since I started mini-ing - and that´s been a fair few years - "time-consuming" got completely new meaning for me. It´s worse than time spent on World of Warcraft and useless staring into the fridge, combined!

Soooo... Just for fun and because I can (hey, it´s cheap in miniature!), I finally got back to my Winterfell ideas. What can I say, I´m a Starks fan! There´s two roomboxes sofar, the master bedroom for the Lord and Lady of Winterfell, and a bedroom for Sansa. None of them is finished yet.
I doubt either of them ever will be.

The idea for Sansa´s bedroom was lighter, airy and more romantic than a typical Winterfell room would be. No stone walls, no tiny windows. Sansa would really need a window seat, right? Somewhere nice to sit while working on a piece of embroidery, singing, reading or just daydreaming...

A detail of the window seat. I´m quite proud of how it turned out, specially the leaded window.

The rest of the room is - save for a fireplace that still needs painting - still empty. The master bedroom is even worse off, there´s only "stone" walls and fireplace, all unpainted, and a bed frame based on what they had in the first episode of the TV stuff. But I´ll do something about that in near future. Have a sweet day!

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