19 Jan 2014

No, I´m not dead yet :)

Belated new year´s resolution: blog a bit more! Once a month is my new goal. I have a bunch of tips and tuts and patterns to share with whoever wants to try them...

What was I talking about last time? Samplers! I´ve done a few. Very simple ones, but then - I like simple. Most of my private projects don´t really agree with elaborate designs anyway: sweets shop in DHE´s Magpies house was the only one that could use some and it´s now pretty much retired, since it stayed behind when I moved. What I´m working on now needs fairly simple things too, the Wee Witches cottage being the main project atm.
All of the samplers are my own designs so I´m free to share the patterns with you! This one was done in cross stitch on 24 count fabric. I forgot to take picture, but it has dark green frame and it´s hanging in the sweets shop kitchen.

It´s simple, fast and looks quite cute! The pattern:

And one more, for the haunted dolls´ house:) This was done on 34 count with a single strand of cotton, then framed with cardstock scraps and a piece of plastic packaging I alwas have lying around. Which is why my "studio" space is always so messy!

Again, super quick and simple. Pattern:

 And that´s it for now. And since it´s Sunday and for once it´s actually sunny over here, I hope everyone´s having a sweet day!