26 Jul 2013

Busy busy busy

So, what have I been up to lately? Mini-wise, a huge bunch. Otherwise, not so much. My wee Etsy shop´s been quite busy lately. I finished sort of a new line of mini things, quite real looking witchy accessories. Here´s a lil sampler - you can follow the links to see more:

                          Smudge sticks and candles

                        Wands , potion bottlescrystal orbs and herb bundles
 Other than witchy stuff, I made some more sweets for Heavenly Delights, my cake shop:

Finally finished the bedframe for Winterfell´s master bedroom... About time! I tried to make it somewhat similar to how it was on the telly show. There´s gonna be candles on top of the half tester (hurray for beds on fire), and the matress is filled with straw. Now what to do with the pillows, blankets and stuff :/

And I started working on bday present for my Dad, who is an avid gardener, so there´s tiny crates of wee fruit and veg everywhere. It´s gonna be a market stall. Here´s the potatoes, for now parked in my cake shop´s upstairs kitchen:

And since I managed to hurt my ankle while redecorating the kitchen, I did a bunch of sitting on my bum and embroidering. I made two cross stitched pictures (cuz they can´t really be called samplers, I guess) for my dollhouse. They are very simple but rustic looking and since I designed the patterns myself, they will appear here sooner or later. Probably later, because I need to find out how to work with some sort of cross stitch software. For now the patterns are hand scribbled on paper and look quite confusing :) And now I´m elbows deep in bats, haunted houses and black cats in needlepoint, coming soon!

Well, hope everyone is havin a great summer!

10 Apr 2013

Project: Rebuilding Winterfell in mini

Ever had the feeling that you have way too many ideas for the time you can spend on your hobby? Ever since I started mini-ing - and that´s been a fair few years - "time-consuming" got completely new meaning for me. It´s worse than time spent on World of Warcraft and useless staring into the fridge, combined!

Soooo... Just for fun and because I can (hey, it´s cheap in miniature!), I finally got back to my Winterfell ideas. What can I say, I´m a Starks fan! There´s two roomboxes sofar, the master bedroom for the Lord and Lady of Winterfell, and a bedroom for Sansa. None of them is finished yet.
I doubt either of them ever will be.

The idea for Sansa´s bedroom was lighter, airy and more romantic than a typical Winterfell room would be. No stone walls, no tiny windows. Sansa would really need a window seat, right? Somewhere nice to sit while working on a piece of embroidery, singing, reading or just daydreaming...

A detail of the window seat. I´m quite proud of how it turned out, specially the leaded window.

The rest of the room is - save for a fireplace that still needs painting - still empty. The master bedroom is even worse off, there´s only "stone" walls and fireplace, all unpainted, and a bed frame based on what they had in the first episode of the TV stuff. But I´ll do something about that in near future. Have a sweet day!