26 Oct 2012


Hello everyone!

Welcome to Wee Little Delights, a blog about dollhouse scale miniatures. I´ve been meaning to start this ages ago - but somehow never did. There´s always so many things on my mind - so many ideas for new stuff, and also so many unfinished projects lying around waiting for some love... I´m sure most of you know what I´m talking about ;)

I´m Lucie Min, miniature artist from the heart of Europe, and I´d like to share my love for miniatures, my tips and methods and my work with you through this blog. My journey into the mini world started with tabletop battle miniatures and gaming terrain, but it´s hard (atleast for me and my poor eyesight!) to create details in this tiny scale so after a few years I moved on to dollhouses. I work mainly in 1:12 scale, with the occassional trip to 1:24.
Other than miniatures, I love my cat, fantasy books, cooking, baking, and singing in the shower :)

I create one-of-a-kind miniatures and I especially love all things fantasy, witchy and dark, and miniature lingerie!
You can find some of my work on Etsy:
Check out my newest creations - 1/12 miniature drinking horns:

Thank you for taking a peek here! Have a sweet day!

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