30 Oct 2012

Miniature Witch Hat Tutorial

It´s not just that it´s Halloween time now, it´s that so many people (me included) simply love witchy miniatures!

Here´s a little how-to for a wee witch hat. It´s very simple, a kid can do that without much trouble. This and some thread/glue is all it takes:

Work with felt or any low-fraying fabric, slightly heavier fabrics are better in this case. Fine leather works well, too.

First, a simple pattern. You won´t need any seams allowance if you´re going to sew so cut straight on the lines. If you´d rather glue the thing together, cut a little extra on the triangular bit.

Now, start working on the top bit. Stitch or glue the straight lines together. If you wanted to decorate the top bit, it´s better to do it before sewing/gluing - like the patch on the black hat in my last picture or any embroidery.
 Next, stitch or glue the top to the brim part. Voila - you have a tiny witchy hat! You can either leave it plain (well, I consider stitches in contrasting colour an embellishment!) or add anything your heart desires: feathers, roses, lace, tulle, ribbons, spiders, anything... stuffed crow maybe?

If you´d like any of these, check my Etsy shop, they´ll be there for sale soon. Have a sweet day!

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